GSA Mixed Media Explorations

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with Laurie Skantzos

6 WEEKS, WEDNESDAYS, NOV. 7 – DEC. 12, 12:30-3:30 PM

Welcome to a brand new six week course exploring the world of oil and cold wax! This medium is a true game changer for people interested in working with oils. We will be layering, scraping back, using solvent reductions, adding pastels, stamps, stencils and much more. Experimenting with a variety of tools such as brayers, clay modeling tools and “squeegies”, we will create beautifully layered paintings.

MATERIALS: Gamblin Cold Wax Medium, Oil paints (variety of colours –try to include some transparent ones), Palette knives (at least one but feel free to try different shapes and sizes), Rigid surfaces such as cradled panel or masonite (with three coats of gesso) 8x10 to 30x40, Arches Oil Paper (1-2 full sheets), Creative Catalyst Wedge (straight edge), metal clay modeling tool, masking tape, rolls of paper towel, Pan Pastel (choose a favourite colour), odourless mineral spirits (Gamblin is the “cleanest”) lidded jar for your OMS, metal tipped squirt bottle, masking tape, Speedy Carve Block (any size – don’t be afraid to go big!),

Optional List: lino cutter, oil sticks, extra Pan Pastels, chalk pastels, powdered graphite, extra clay modeling tools (with metal scraping ends), Extra Creative
Catalyst Wedges with different edges

~Beginner to Experience Level

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