GSA Paint: Inspired by Masters

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with Sonal Raje

6 WEEKS, WEDNESDAYS, MARCH 6 – APRIL 10, 6:30 – 9:30 PM

This course is a six-week study of the works of artists of prominence in the various art movements. Suited for beginners and seasoned artists, the course takes participants on a journey of discovering art as a means of expression. Peep into the mystical world of Surrealism with Salvadore Dali, free up your style with Jackson Pollock, dive deep into the colour field painting of Mark Rothko, experience the emotional potential of colour with Hans Hofmann, explore non representational art with Frank Stella, and transform swaths of paint into flowers with Georgia O’Keefe. Every week is a follow-along study of celebrated works by a featured artist. Tie your aprons and bring your brushes to learn how to paint like the masters!


~Intermediate to Experience Level

  • acrylic paint: cadmium yellow, cadmium red, cerulean blue, pthalo blue, burnt sienna, ivory black, titanium white
  • brushes: round: #1, 4, 8 flat: #8, 14, 20
  • 8 oz matt acrylic medium
  • palette or palette paper
  • 6 stretched canvases (1 per week): standard or gallery depth: 12” x 16”

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