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MATERIALS: Brilliant Floral Portraits with Coloured Pencils with Michael Spillane

These products have been suggested by your instructor for use in class. Please note that these are just examples of appropriate materials, and there are many more choices available in our store.

MATERIALS: Spiral-bound sketchbook, 2 shts Arches or Fabriano 140 lb or 300lb hotpressed watercolour, 3 masonite boards 11” x 14”, drawing pencils 2H, H, F, B & 2B, lowtac masking tape, fine point blending stumps, pencil sharpener, ruler, pencil sharpener, kneaded eraser, white vinyl eraser, fine tip eraser Mono Zero (Tombow) 2.3 mm round tip eraser (if available), soft makeup style brush, utility knife, 1 sht of graphite transfer paper, Choose either Faber-Castell Polychromos (preferably) or Prismacolor Premium coloured pencils as listed below:

Faber-Castell Polychromos

FC 101 White, FC 230 Cold Grey, FC 233 Cold Grey IV, FC 274 Warm Grey, FC 181 Payne’s Grey, FC 168 Earth Green Yellowish, FC 172 Earth Green, FC 268 Green Gold, FC 174 Chromium Green Opaque, FC 247 Indanthrene Blue, FC 170 May Green, FC 225 Dark Red, FC 103 Ivory, 178 Nouget, FC 102 Strohgeth Cream, FC 138 Violet, FC 123 Fuchsia, FC 133 Magenta, FC 106 Light Chrome Yellow, FC 115 Dark Cadmium Orange.

Prismacolor Premier

PC 938 White, PC 1059 Cool Grey 10%, PC 1063 Cool Grey 50%, PC 1056 Warm Grey 70%, PC 1067 Cool Grey 90%, PC 912 Apple Green, PC 1020 Celadon Green, PC 1091 Green Ochre,  PC 911 Olive Green, PC 901 Indigo Blue, PC 1005 Limepeel, PC 925 Crimson Lake, PC 914 Cream, PC1091 Green Ochre, PC 1011 Deco Yellow, PC 934 Lavender, PC 994 Process Red, PC 1009 Dahlia Purple, PC 916 Canary Yellow, PC 921 Vermillion