Bateman Recycled Sketchbooks

Bateman Recycled Sketchbooks

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100% Recycled Paper

The post-consumer content of this sketchbook is a guaranteed minimum of 10% and varies to a maximum of 18%. These waste paper products are collected from offices, retail stores, schools, households and other institutions.

The balance of the recycled content is post-commercial waste. These are not mill recycles, but scrap and trim paper wastes created out of commercials processes such as bindery trimmings, printing, packaging, and cutting and forming operations.

Elemental chlorine is not used to bleach the paper pulp. The bleaching process is structured around the utilization of oxygen to produce a brighter, whiter, pulp. The process depends upon multi-stage washing and a small amount of sodium hypochlorite. An acid-free process is utilized to produce paper which achieves long-aging archival quality.

The recycled paper used to create our artist quality sheets are de-inked. This energy saving process leaves a residue of non-toxic bio-degradable sludge, which can be used as an environmentally friendly fertilizer or compost.

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