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Pebeo Finger paint kit

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Tactilcolor is a ready-to-use finger gouache. This fine and smooth paste is applied directly with your fingers to paper, cardboard, card, wood,... and it dries without distorting the surface. Due to their rich pigmentation, the colours are opaque, they remain bright and do not fade when dry. From 3 years of age, the fun can be enhanced by using different accessories: a stamp, foam roller, stencil, paintbrush, etc. from the Pébéo Children range. Tactilcolor gouache is easy to clean from skin with soap and water. Washing with water enables the removal of all of the binder (dextrins: sugar polymers), which is soluble in water. However, the pigments present in the gouache may have varying affinities according to the surfaces (textile fibres, etc.). In the case of stains on textiles, immediately wash the surface in hot water with soap. Repeat the operation if necessary until the stain has completely disappeared. For tougher stains, using bleach-based or active oxygen-based textile stain removers can be successful as long as their use is compatible with the garment in question. It is also recommended to use protective aprons for works with children. Keep away from wallpaper, painted walls, untreated wood, etc. and other materials that cannot be washed. Set of 5 assorted 80ml tubes and 1 foam stamp.