Holbein Acrylic Inks

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Holbein Acrylic ink contain high-density pigments ground to fine-grain size (0.001–0.004 mm) in an acrylic resin manufactured to the uniform viscosity most suitable for airbrush use.

The result is deep, clear colors of non-toxic archival permanence that will not clog even a 0.1 mm aperture airbrush or tech pen. The colors may also be used with a brush.

This Acrylic ink utilizes a pure water soluble acrylic base that ensures no shift in color tone from wet to dry. It can be diluted with water, but is water-resistant when dry.

It can be used as it is without diluting with water even when it is used with a new sense liquid acrylic marker container, airbrush, attachment pen or brush, corresponding to various tools. 

Coloring by selected pigment is beautiful, it is excellent in light resistance, and it becomes water resistant coating film after drying. It has the same high pigment concentration as the Heavy Body and Fluid of the Holbein Acrylic series, and adopts the same color composition. These can be used together, and a variety of expressions can be made together with various medias.

Even when used with a marker container, airbrush, a pen or brush, it can be used as it is without diluting with water.