Kama Alkyd Oil Medium

  • $12.95

This medium is made from a synthetic resin know as alkyd, it is mainly used because it accepts dryers well and therefore makes it possible to create a medium that speeds up the drying of oil paint. Formulated without turpentine. It is available in two variants, Liquid and Gel.

The liquid consistency is very thin and one should be careful not to liquify it's oil paints with this medium as it may cause wrinkles. This oil painting medium dries in about 24 hours.

The gel medium is very similar, but it has a thicker consistency that will blend well with oil paints. It dries with a nice sheen, though it is less brilliant than dammar based mediums. Our Alkyd Gel Medium dries in about 24 hours, but in less than 60 minutes it is dry enough to work on and it may be thinned with a little Izosol to dry faster still.