Guerrilla Flex Easel No. 17

  • $123.75

The No. 17 Flex Easel™ is a lightweight easel that attaches to any standard tripod. It is light, sturdy, easy to adjust, and is great for studio or plein air use. Turn your camera tripod into a compact, light-weight field easel. 

In combination with the Campaign Box™, it provides an alternative to a traditional French easel, giving lots of flexibility. The Campaign Box™ hooks onto the tripod legs and folds out to provide palette space and materials storage.

  • Attaches to any standard camera tripod

  • Paint at any angle

  • Holds panels or canvases up to 20" tall

  • 24" long

  • Weighs only 1 lb

  • Extruded aluminum with stainless steel attachments

  • Made in the USA

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