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Pebeo Water-Based Gutta Resist

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Like a spider spinning its web, to paint on silk you have to create serti barriers and set aside certain areas before applying your colours.
With guttaswax and tjantings you can easily master this skill, Pebeo provides a varied range of auxiliaries and accessories for painting on silk that enables you to learn all the techniques of serti painting and batik.

Water-based Gutta, pearl and opaque, is used for the Serti (closing) technique in silk painting. Water-based Guttas have a thick consistency and are ideal for creating barriers. The pearlescent or glossy coloursare applied directly from the tube’s applicator nozzle. They readily penetrate through the fibres of the fabric, creating a barrier to Setasilk colours which are applied afterwards. Once they are set with an iron, these Guttas are wash-resistant (when following recommendations). Colourless water-based Gutta: For creating colourless barriers on fabric. Penetrates through the fibres of the fabric when applied, creating a barrier to the Setasilk colours which are applied afterwards. The colourless water-based Gutta is specially formulated to wash out in water. It can be applied with tip of Pébéo Gutta applicator bottle.

DRYING: Air-dry in approximately 30 minutes.

SURFACES: Most silks.