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GSA Calligraphy Brushlettering

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with Wendy Hardy

SUNDAY, MAY 5, 1 – 4PM

This half-day workshop is designed to teach you the fundamentals of brush lettering with the Tombow brush pen. Brush lettering has become very popular as it has a fun and modern feel compared to traditional calligraphy. In this workshop you will learn the proper way to use brush pens to create beautiful brush style calligraphy. You will begin by learning the basic strokes, proper letter forms and then we will move into creating your own style, finally we will discuss some creative and fun ways to use the brush pens.

~Beginner to Intermediate Level

  • One Tombow Dual Brush Pen preferably in a dark colour
  • pencil & eraser
  • practice pad – suggested: Rhodia gridline, blank or dotted.

Optional: more colours of Tombow brush pens including the blender pen

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