GSA Charcoal Reduction Drawing

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with Eileen MacArthur

SUNDAY, JULY 21, 12 – 5 PM

This workshop provides a complete overview of how to complete a reduction drawing using charcoal. Whether beginner or advanced, this method often results in captivating drawings that emphasize drama as well as composition. This method is also useful in rendering realistic glass with reflections as well as fabric and folds. We will be working from one still life for the entire class. The first portion of the class will focus on rendering the still life using contour line and the second part will be completing the values using the reduction method. This can be messy so please bring an apron or smock or wear suitable clothing. This workshop is suitable for both teens and adults.

~Intermediate to Experienced Level

  • 2 sticks of compressed charcoal (not General's brand)
  • kneadable eraser
  • vinyl eraser
  • 1 sheet (20X30) stonehenge white
  • Pencils and newsprint will be provided

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