GSA Keeping Sketchbook Journal

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with Eileen MacArthur

2 SUNDAYS, AUGUST 11 & 18, 1 - 5PM

This class will introduce you to the art of keeping a sketchbook. The sketchbook can be a site of exploration, inspiration and skill building. We will be looking at historical examples of sketchbooks and how they record the artist’s intent as well as their personal beliefs and private thoughts. This class will allow you to try various media (pencil, watercolour, oil pastels, ink etc.) as well as develop a daily practice in art making. The beginning of the class will focus on history, methods and media. The second class will focus on working outside the studio and will take us around downtown Guelph (weather permitting: In case of poor weather we will take the class to an alternate indoor location).

~Intermediate to Experienced Level

  • Sketchbook (any size 4” x 6”- 11” x 14”, depending on how large you wish
    to work, a smaller size is more convenient for travel, a larger size is appropriate for more complete and/or involved works).
OPTIONAL MATERIALS: Collage materials (such as reproductions of family photos, recycled materials, magazines etc.), any art materials you have that you wish to incorporate.

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