Staedtler Mars

Whenever an idea or sudden inspiration comes to mind, what's the first thing you do?

Right - you reach for a pencil or pen to write, scribble, draw or highlight your thoughts to show them to others or to remind yourself later.

Thus, every idea starts with a pencil. It's therefore no wonder that STAEDTLER can proudly claim to give form to the ideas of people the whole world over.

STAEDTLER sees its products as helpful tools for promoting the flow of creative thoughts, coupled with the exceptional writing comfort and innovative product features that are sure to make a STAEDTLER your favourite writing instrument. So that the customers of the company may always enjoy the good feeling that comes from holding a genuine STAEDTLER pen in the hand, STAEDTLER continuously strives to develop even better writing, colouring and drawing instruments.

Product ideas that captivate through their intelligent design and finess, and above all meet the exacting demand for quality. Looking back on the history of STAEDTLER, it can be seen that the company itself and the ancestors of the company founder have always been ahead of their time.

The name STAEDTLER has always been synonymous with innovation ‘Made in Germany’ and this can be seen directly reflected in user benefits. Over the years, we have repeatedly succeeded in developing inspirational, innovative products, which is why, when it comes to writing instruments, STAEDTLER is the user’s clear favourite.

The company’s international character is strikingly underlined by its systematic expansion to 9 manufacturing plants worldwide – including four in Germany – and its presence in 27 countries globally through its affiliated companies. The STAEDTLER Group has more than 3,000 employees worldwide, enabling it to position itself successfully in the international market.

STAEDTLER today has representatives on every single continent and in 150 countries. But we remain faithful to our Nuremberg roots and almost three quarters of STAEDTLER manufactured products worldwide are still produced in Germany. This makes STAEDTLER, with its three production plants in the Nuremberg metropolitan region, the largest European manufacturer of graphite pencils, coloured pencils, erasers, mechanical pencil leads and modelling clays.