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Beam Tis'gan Original 6 Wrap

  • $120.00

Awaxed canvas watercolour paint case, with 6 colours. All hand-made and plastic-free on Mnidoo Mnis, Manitoulin Island, Ontario.

We are stoked to be partnering again with our neighbour and long-time friend Chemistry and Craft to offer Tis'gan, a special and limited series of 6 watercolour paints in a waxed canvas case. Use the paints with brushes and water directly from the case. Fold up and roll to carry.

Tis'gan - "put colour on it!" - referring to both the watercolour paints and the plant-dyed canvas case.


Paintstones are lightfast pigments, tree sap, Manitoulin honey, and gum Arabic. 

When I make paint I think about my Dad a lot, he taught me when I was really small to identify hematite and look for paintstones. He kept them in his art bag in a little cloth wrapper, and when he needed paint he brought them out and prepared his paint for ceramic bowls, drums, or rocks. I really wanted something of my paint making practice to share the tactile joy of the physicality of paint, and this is it! 

These little jewels are also about our values and support our respect for the earth and being plastic free. They are our answer to halfpans! Free your art kit!!! 

Original kit comes with these six colours: 

  • Neebin Giizis'aande (Napthol red PR170)
  • Dwaagi Azaadibuk’aande (fall poplar yellow, Hansa PY74)
  •  Geygaa Naakshek'aande (almost night Pthalo 15.1)
  • Ziigwun’aande (spring green)
  • Gchigaaming’aande(Ultramarine)
  • miin’aande’azhbikoong (blueberry mountain)!
Canvas Case

The case is made simply with plant-dyed waxed canvas, vegetable-tanned leather, and waxed cotton. All dyeing, waxing and assembly is done by hand on Manitoulin Island, Ontario. This design is plastic and metal free. Materials used:  55% hemp / 45% organic cotton canvas, organic cotton thread, local beeswax, hemp oil, recycled cotton liner, vegetable-tanned leather, plant-based dyes.