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painting of girl with owl by David Caesar


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with David Caesar

8 WEEKS, MONDAYS, APR. 24 – JUNE 19,1 – 4 PM,

This popular open studio style class explores the finer points of applying your painting knowledge and experience to your work. The format will be driven by the students, who are ready for an advanced level class, with a heavy focus on studio work time and group critique. In-class demos and discussions will include advanced colour theory, paint handling and application, form and composition. The work of contemporary painters will be studied and discussed as a means of problem-solving in your own work. Please bring in any</span> unfinished paintings that you wish to resolve as well as any source material that you have been hoping to turn into artwork, but have had difficulty deciding how to begin.

MATERIALS: Any painting media that you feel comfortable working in such as oil, acrylic, watercolour, etc. Please bring in all materials that you wish to use or try. David will also make suggestions on what specific materials may be useful on an individual basis. PLEASE DO NOT BRING SOLVENTS.

~Intermediate to Advanced Level

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