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with Jessica Masters

8 WEEKS, THURSDAYS, APR. 27 – JUNE 15, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Open Studio provides a time and space for artists to work and receive feedback and support, both technically and conceptually. Students can bring in their painting and drawing projects that they would like to work on or choose to work from a still life provided in the class. As you work, each student will receive individual instruction and can also choose to be part of group critiques designed to draw out different perspectives that will ultimately lead to new ideas and challenge our thinking. In addition to working independently, each week we will discuss (as a group), different artistic and professional issues that artists are faced with. This is a sort of food for thought component that will support your efforts in making art. This course draws on the idea that creativity does not thrive in a vacuum. It is the sharing of ideas and the opportunity to connect with other artists that are invaluable in helping to stimulate the creative process.

MATERIALS: Students will need to bring in any materials needed for their own drawing or painting projects or for working on a still life ex; canvases, paints, drawing materials, collage etc. Easels and boards will be provided.

~Intermediate to Advanced Level

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