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with Laura Harrison

SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 10 AM – 4 PM

In this fun and exciting workshop we will take paper collage beyond scrapbooks and journaling and explore it as a medium in its own right. We will look at contemporary artists and subject matter, as well as some elements of design to take your work to the next level. Most of the day will be spent cutting and creating! No experience required (just your imagination!). Great for teens and adults.

MATERIALS: 2 or more pieces of smooth paper such as Stonehenge or a sketchbook (90lbs or heavier) preferably 11x14 or larger. (22x30 sheets of paper can be cut in half if desired). One or more small/medium sheets of clear acetate (for making our own stencils), fine tipped cutting knife, scissors, glue stick, masking tape or clear tape, small cutting mat (or hard surface to cut on), pencil, ruler, eraser Optional: Stencils or hole punches in various shapes and sizes Some collage material will be provided but you are encouraged to bring your own old magazines, (Fashion, home decor, design and food magazines work best--try to avoid fine art and photography), books, photo calendars, scraps of fabric, newspapers, coloured or textured papers and personal photographs. Keep in mind we will be cutting up our sources so if there is an image or photograph you would like to keep intact, please make a colour photocopy ahead of time as we do not have a copier in the studio

~Beginner to Intermediate Level

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