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with Grazyna Adamska

2 SUNDAYS, JUNE 11 & 18, 10 – 4 PM, $135 + HST


This workshop is recommended for artists with some experience in landscape painting and seeking for a moderate shift toward abstraction. Learn to paint landscapes using a simplified language of painting and drawing. We'll develop and explore the relationship of the subject matter and our painting method based on the concept of subjective synthesis, creating works involving what you know about nature as well as what you feel and imagine. We will be using photographic references and learn to simplify and rearrange in a more freeing way, striving to create semi abstract landscapes.The experiences from this course can encourage you to abolish one point perspective and proceed with further advanced abstract paintings. The dual practice obscures the boundaries between natural and abstract gestural forms and allows for simultaneous existence of a landscape/abstract painting. The process of incorporating the layers of spontaneity and analysis, imaginary and real spaces brings tension, surprises and discoveries.


MATERIALS: oil or acrylic paints: titanium white, ultramarine blue, phthalo blue, alizarin crimson, cadmium red light, lemon yellow, yellow cadmium medium, burnt umber, chromium oxide green, black .Optionally drawing materials as charcoal, ink, graphite. Watercolour is welcome too. Watercolour paper or special for acrylic paints paper 12 x16 (x6) or canvased boards. Brushes filbert #4 and 6, bright #8 and round #2 Please do not bring solvents. Odourless Gamsol will be provided for those working in oil.


~Intermediate to Advanced Level

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