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with Roslyn Levin

SUNDAY, JUNE 4, 10 AM – 4 PM

Roslyn will lead a full day immersion in sumi-e painting. In sumi-e one moves with grace, strength, flexibility and balance. The artist is challenged to create paintings of simplicity and eloquence. Learn more brush control and sensitivity, to gain a strength in your brushwork. Learning the importance of white space and understanding the value of simplifying subjects will influence students’ approach to all art forms. Using one's own chi/ki/qi and the simple tools of brush, Japanese paper, inkstick, and inkstone, learn to control your brush with strength and sensitivity with the Body, Breath and Brush method of painting developed by Roslyn's sensei, Tomoko Kodama. This new way to handle a brush is applicable to any other medium you might choose. Beginners first learn basic brushstrokes, then embark on a journey of exploration as they, along with those who are more experienced paint a subject of their choosing with the help of Roslyn's more than 40 years experience. Both new and returning students are welcome!

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