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FineTec Opaque Watercolours

  • $29.45

FINETEC Pearl Colors are made entirely of Mica-Pigments and Gum Arabic, they are completely free of animal ingredients. We don’t use any filler materials like e.g. gypsum – that allows the pigments to shine in their full brilliance. The ingredients used for the production of FINETEC Pearl Colors are being purchased from reputable German manufacturers.

Mica is a purely natural product made of minerals. These pigments are known to be very light-fast and they don’t oxidize.

Gum arabic is a natural product made of the hardened sap of the acacia tree. 

FINETEC Pearl Colors are

light-fast and pigment-rich

handmade in Germany

made of Mica-Pigments

free of animal ingredients

ASTM-4236 certified and CE-conforming

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