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GSA Character Design

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with Julianna Cox

6 WKS, TUESDAYS, NOV. 13 – DEC. 11, 6:30-9:30 PM

Whether you want to start a long-form comic, prepare your portfolio or collaborate with a video game designer, after the completion of this course students will have hands on implementation of the process of designing a character, from brainstorming thumbnails to a final, polished character sheet. Students will also learn how to work in a professional workflow; creating material than can be edited, duplicated and shared with a team. An understanding of design for function and the students own strength as a designer will be gained from this class as we explore different aspects that make up a character, both through personality and physicality. This class is suitable to both teens and adults.

~Intermediate to Expert


Col-Erase (Erasable coloured pencils) in two different colours, permanent black technical pens in at least two sizes, (recommend 1.0 and 0.5), ruler, pencil sharpener, basic set of watercolours in a tube, 1 round & 1 flat medium sized watercolour brush, palette with wells, sketchbook that accepts wet media such as Canson Mixed Media or Stillman & Birn brand or several sheets of 11x14 Smooth Bristol paper (available in pads), also recommended: inexpensive watercolour paper such as Canson w/c pad

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