GSA Drawing @ NA Winter

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with David Caesar

6 WKS, THURSDAYS, MARCH 7 - APRIL 11, 6:30-9:30 PM


No stairs to climb here! Necessary Arts is completely accessible!
Located at 84 Wyndham St N (the alley way between Baker St. lot & the post office)
The Guelph School of Art is pleased to be offering some classes at Necessary Arts.

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Learn how to draw stuff!!! We will begin this class with basic observation techniques and move on to fundamental principles of drawing. We will draw objects in perspective, learn all about light and shadow and use various mark-making techniques to render our subject matter. We will put what we learn into practice and plenty of personal guidance will be available throughout the course!

~Beginner to Intermediate Level

  • HB, 2B, 4B pencils
  • vinyl and kneadable erasers
  • sketchbook min. 11 x 14
  • 12” metal ruler.

Optional materials:

  • 18 x 24 grey paper
  • black and white conte crayons
  • also any medium you like, wet or dry!

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