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GSA Portrait from Photo: Days

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with David Caesar

6 WEEKS, THURSDAYS, NOV. 7 – DEC. 12, 12:30-3:30 PM

This course will take the students through the process of creating finished, realist paintings using printed photographs as our reference. From the initial drawing stage, to transferring the drawing to the gessoed board, to applying our first layers of paint to final rendering, this comprehensive course outlines the entire system of creating rich, realistic portraits.

Looking at and discussing paintings by some of the greats, we will discuss colour mixing, creating the illusion of light and shadow, and composition. Join us for this informative, satisfying and largely self-directed course.

Note: As we will be striving for a high level of craftsmanship, it is recommended that students have an intermediate level of drawing ability.

~Intermediate to Expert Level

Drawing Materials:

Painting Materials:

Other Materials:

  • an old rag for paint is helpful
  • as is a clean container for water
  • piece of 180 or 220 grit sandpaper is also highly recommended.

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