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Lepage Contact Cmnt Low 237ml

  • $14.95

LePage® Low Odour Contact Cement is a water-based contact adhesive that provides strong, tough bonds with excellent hot-creep resistance. It applies smoothly without stringing and evenly by brush, roller or spraying. The high solids content gives coverage three times greater than solvent-based contact cements. Safe to use and cleans up easily with soap and water.

  • Water based contact cement

  • Bonds on contact eliminating the need for clamping

  • High solids content

  • Low VOC content, low odour, solvent free and non-toxic

  • Three times greater coverage than solvent-based contact cements

Recommended for: Laminating flat and close mating surfaces. Bonds plastic laminates, particleboard, plywood, wallboard, veneers, cork, fabric and polystyrene and polyurethane foam. Ideal for bonding decorative laminates and veneers to cabinets, counter or desk tops and other large flat surfaces where clamping is not possible. Use for jobs around the home such as repairing fabric seat covers, loose laminate banding and replacing loose flooring.

For best results:

  • Do not use for metal bonding

  • Do not use on very thin wood veneers. Excessive dimensional change may occur which may lead to cracking when drying

  • Do not use when bonding materials that will be exposed to continual heavy loads (structural applications)

Clean up: Clean tools and adhesive residue immediately with warm, soapy water. Cured contact cement may be carefully cut away with a sharp-edged tool.

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