LePage White Glue

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LePage® Multi-Purpose White Glue is a versatile, general-purpose, polyvinyl acetate woodworking adhesive. It is particularly suited for high strength, permanent bonding on wood and a variety of other porous materials. Once dried, the bond strength exceeds the strength of the wood itself. Joints can be readily repositioned and realigned during the initial clamping stages. Multi-Purpose White Glue is non-staining, paintable and sandable. It is water-based, safe to use and non-flammable. Uncured adhesive can be easily cleaned up with soap and water. Multi-Purpose White Glue is non-toxic as per U.S. Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission, ASTM D 4236 and contains no urea formaldehyde. Conforms to CSA 0112.4, CGSB 71-GP-5 and ASTM D-4317-88 (10.2).  

The 400 mL and 800 mL sizes of Multi-Purpose White Glue are available in the Easy Flow Bottle. The Easy Flow System™ features include: an extended nozzle for precise application and flow control, a tapered nozzle ideal for biscuit joint applications, a re-sealable airtight cap with built-in tip holder and a wide neck for easy refilling. The bottle is easy to squeeze with its flat side and non-slip grip. There are also extra sealant threads for adding extra long sealant nozzles.

  • Tapered nozzle for precise application

  • Easy to refill

  • Air-tight seal for long storage life

  • One flat size, so the bottle will not roll away if placed on its side

  • Non-slip grip

  • Easy-to-squeeze bottle for excellent flow control

  • Sandable for easy removal once cured

  • Paintable

  • Dries translucent white for invisible glue lines

  • Non-Toxic; safe and easy to use

  • Bonds with 2 tonnes of strength

  • Stable up to five freeze/thaw cycles

Recommended for: LePage Multi-Purpose White Glue can be used for bonding porous substrates such as wood, wood compositions, veneer, paper, cardboard, leather, fabric and cork. Ideal for creating the tight fitting joints required in quality indoor wood working projects. It allows for the repair of lifted edges of wall paper or carpet. Mix with sawdust and use as a wood or wallboard filler. Use to seal or prime porous surfaces.

  • Do not use on joints that require gap filling

  • Do not use to bonding two non-porous substrates (i.e. plastic or metal)

  • Do not use for applications that will be subject to direct water contact unless sealed and maintained with a waterproof coating prior to contact.

  • Do not use on structural applications (e.g. Load bearing applications in building construction)

  • Do not store product in metal containers

Clean up: Wipe excess glue immediately with a damp cloth. Wash hands immediately with soap and warm water. Cured adhesive may be carefully cut away with a sharp-edged tool or sanded. Rubbing with hot soapy water or steaming will aid removal. Paint strippers will also remove dried white glue.

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