Logan Adapt-A-Rule

Logan Adapt-A-Rule

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Product Description:

Use your Logan Handheld Mat Cutter models 2000 Push Style or 4000 Deluxe Pull Style,  Straight Cutter, Glass Cutter, or Mat Knife with an Adapt-A-Rule cutting guide and enjoy straighter, faster, more accurate cuts. The 24? (61cm) and 40? (101cm) models include a non-slip rubberized base and US or metric ruled guides. The unruled 60? (152cm) model includes a C-clamp. All models include an Upgrade Kit including nylon guides and screws allowing modification of your Logan Handheld Mat Cutter to then “hook” onto the Adapt-a-Rule.

    • Logan 524 (24?/61cm)

    • Logan 540 (40?/101cm)

    • Logan 560 (unruled 60?/152cm with C-clamp)

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