Richeson Premium Pastel Board

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Jack Richeson & Co. has created a premium pastel surface available on two different substrates: Gator board and heavyweight paper. The texture of these surfaces is like no other. With an exquisite, “toothy” finish, pastels can be applied with ease as the surface grabs and holds the pigment, layer after layer.

Benefits to Richeson Premium Pastel Surfaces:

• Color and "grit" is integrated directly into the substrate
• No irritating separation of "grit" with rubbing or washing of the surface
• Surface holds up to water washes as well as rinsing the surface to restart. (When using Gator, we recommend taping the edges.)
• Lightweight Gator is easy to transport
• No taping! No delamination!
• No separate backboard required Benefits of using Richeson Pastel Surface on Gator Foam™: Painting outdoors presents special challenges for pastel artists specifically related to the painting surface.
• Taping paper to a support can be difficult and time-consuming
• Masking tape, paper and back board are cumbersome to bring to the site with other equipment
• Save money by using Richeson Premium Gator by eliminating the cost of mounting Richeson Premium Pastel Surfaces makes these issues "go away"!

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