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Sceptre Gold Blend Brushes

  • $7.45

Winsor & Newton's Sceptre Gold II brushes combine sable hair with a special blend of synthetic fibers to produce a brush that approaches the performance of pure sable at a moderate price. Sceptre Gold II brushes are available in different styles (long and short handle) to accommodate oil and watercolor painters.

Each Sceptre Gold II brush features a copper-colored handle and a seamless, gold-coloured ferrule.

Designer Round, Series 202 — Available only in select sizes, the Series 202 Designer Round is a narrow belly version of the Series 101 Round. It's a traditional format for a watercolor detail brush, but it can be used for detail work in any media.

Pointed Round, Series 101 — The Series 101 Round is the original Round in the Sceptre Gold line, perfect for high detail work. It's the watercolorists version of the Sceptre Gold Round, with a short lacquered handle.

Rigger, Series 303 — A "Rigger" is the name originally given to brushes that were used for painting the rigging on ships in seascape paintings. Series 303 is a short handle pointed round brush with long springy fiber.

Brush sizes —  The length and width of a brush of a given shape and size may vary by manufacturer as brush sizes are not standardized. Since fine art brushes are handmade, expect some variation even among brushes from within a single brush line.

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