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St Armand Canal Paper

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St. Arman makes this paper at the mill on their Fourdrinier machine. They use fibers left from clothing industry offcuts, white tee-shirts, blue denim and flax straw from farmers.
The sheets are 21½” x 30” and the direction of the grain is the 30” length.


St Armand makes these papers using the colour of the rags. They do not bleach or cook the fibers, but just mix the rag pallets: a good ecological choice. Colours vary from batch to batch. When looking at some of these papers, a depth of colour is created by the mixed strands of cotton fiber.


The flax grown in Canada is grown for seeds, not for linen fabric. When the seeds are harvested, the straw that is left will not compost in the field and has to be removed. St Armand makes these rough papers mixing the beaten straw with rags.


St Armand makes two pure linen papers on the machine. One comes from white linen fabric and the other is natural colour linen tow, this is the state before the paper is turned into thread. The heat of the paper machine dryers shrinks the fibers and give the paper an interesting tetxture.

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