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Stones Litho Crayons 1/4"

  • $4.95

    • Stones Crayons are ultra smooth to draw with. They have very little drag and lay down beautiful tones on either stones, plates or paper.

    • Stones Crayons are insoluble in water. That means they won't smear under gum and can save you processing steps.

    • Available in 4 different shapes, and 7 different hardnesses Stones Crayons extend the range of lithographic drawing materials, allowing drawings that previously were unattainable.

    • The 1/4 inch crayons are designed to be used with a holder which provides more usable crayon and a constant length. No more short stubby things that are too big to throw away and too small to use!

    • Stones Crayons have the hardness of the crayon marked directly in the crayon to avoid the confusion mixed crayons can produce. No more guessing!

    • Stones Crayons sharpen easily into a fine point with a simple hand held pencil sharpener. Get rid of the razor blades and frustration.

    • Designed by a Master Printer, Stones Crayons will out perform others in a wide range of applications. Put simply, they work better and are easier to use.

    • Tested and certified, Stones Crayons conform to ASTM D-4236.

    • If the above advantages are impressive and have you almost convinced to make the change but you're just on the edge.... Stones Crayons are up to 50% cheaper than what you are probably using right now.  

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