A Carnival of Colour by Jane Bowen

Artist Reception is March 10th from 6:00pm-8:00pm, show is on until March 17th.

Hours are Monday - Friday, 3pm - 5pm until March 17th.

My recent body of work, Pieces of Eden, is inspired by details found in nature's colours, elements, and forms. These acrylic paintings on linen are presented as wall hangings possessing a story-like quality and replicate vintage educational banners reminiscent of the tactility of a pre-digital age. This work was influenced by what I created at an art residency in Buenos Aires in the spring of 2022.

In putting together work for this exhibit I came to realize an underlying theme I have noticed throughout the years is the influence that a sense of place presents. Influences from a change in environment for the artist can in turn evoke a different time and place for the viewer. This is reflected not only in my work's theme or subject matter but also in the delivery. By exploring a range of materials, mediums and presentation methods; new qualities emerge through finding solutions, which in turn inform other work.

I always look forward to what this process teaches me; from my experience, it's always been a welcome surprise and a gentle lesson that is rarely what we thought it might have been


Website: janebowen.ca

Jane Bowen has exhibited extensively throughout Ontario. In 2022 she participated in her first international art residency & exhibition in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2021 Jane completed her first public art commission, a sculptural installation located in the City of Brantford’s newly renovated City Hall.

While assemblage has been a consistent area of focus, her exhibited bodies of work demonstrate her interest in exploring various mediums. Primarily self-taught, her evolving artwork draws on her surroundings and daily life, evoking thoughtful contemplation.

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Jane bowen

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