Feature Artist: Chris Ahlers

My practice is informed by a love of the material properties of the different media I use, which I combine and layer in a process of experimentation and discovery.  My process is often non-linear, and many of the pieces evolve slowly as I build up, and sometimes obscure, background information and play with marks and colour until I find a direction or ‘voice’ to follow.

I employ collage as a way of experimenting but also sometimes include collaged elements in finished pieces.  Representational aspects mesh with abstract and I like to evoke a sense of a time, place or mood, allowing space for a viewer to make their own personal associations. I am inspired by nature, architecture and geometry, and surfaces that are weathered and worn.

I feel that my work resides at the intersection of expressionism, impressionism and minimalism.

Feature Artist: Chris Ahlers

artwork title: Beachcomber
medium: Acrylic + Charcoal on canvas
size: 48" x 48"
price: $3600

Chris Ahlers has been painting actively for over 30 years and has participated in numerous solo and group shows.  His work is in the collections of the University of Toronto and the Art Gallery of Guelph, as well as many private collections.  He is co-owner of Wyndham Art Supplies with his wife Tammy Ratcliff.  Tammy and Chris are showing together at Renann Isaacs Contemporary, opening mid-April 2022. Information about Renann Isaacs Contemporary can be found on their website.

instagram: @chriswyndham

website: canvasgallery.ca/artistsportfolio1/ahlers

email: chris@wyndhamartsupplies.com

Selection of Recent work

Chris ahlers

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Sharron Begg

Sharron Begg

I haven’t seen much of your work, Chris, but I like !
Congrats on your show at Renann Isaacs Contemporary !

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