Feature Artist: Katherine Topping

"My painting process is often an intuitive one, as I start with a concept and let the materials complete the piece. These bold marks, represent the idea of addition and subtraction. It appears as if something has been dropped onto the canvas, but only the evidence remains. I want the viewer to get lost in the textures and colours as their eye circles the work. Splat Series No. 1 is the first of 3 and my hope is that the viewer enjoys the process of looking, just as much as I enjoyed creating it."

Feature Artist: Katherine Topping

artwork title: 'Splat Series No. 1'
medium: Acrylic on Canvas
size: 36" x 36"
price: $525

Katherine Topping is a Canadian born, Guelph based artist. Her interdisciplinary practice primarily focuses in painting and photography. She is an emerging artist, as she recently graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelors of Arts Degree Honors in Studio Art with a minor in Art History. Her paintings have an emphasis on texture and tension. Topping’s practice is compelled by her experience within the arts community and the need to create.

email: toppingk99@gmail.com

instagram: @_ktopping

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Katherine topping

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