Feature Artist: Rachel Albano

Rachel Albano’s abstract paintings have the ability to change the atmosphere of the room. Bold and beautiful, they are striking statement pieces that inspire and uplift you as you take them in. Rachel is an Elora based artist, represented by Canvas Gallery and PI Fine Art in Toronto

Feature Artist: Rachel Albano

artwork title: 'Forget Me Not'
medium: Acrylic on Canvas
size: 48" x 48"
price: $2200+HST

Rachel Albano is an abstract painter from Elora, Ontario.

Rachel’s painting is an intuitive process; she creates dynamic compositions that evolve layer by layer as she converses with the painting. Her work has a sense of the artist’s presence through decisive gestural marks made with a palette knife. When these bold marks soften into watery, ephemeral drips, an element of chance and delicacy is invited into the work. Rachel’s work skilfully balances areas of energetic mark making with moments of visual rest. Her boldness and intentionality is evident in the energetic, compelling nature of her pieces that evoke inspiration in her viewers.

Rachel was educated at the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Studio Art and Art History.

website: http://www.rachelalbano.com

instagram: @rachelalbanoart

Selection of Recent work

Rachel albano

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