Feature Artist: Taras Lachowsky

"My current body of work is an extension of the examinations of Vytynanka (Ukrainian paper cutouts) study. This body of work continues the narrative revolving around the post-colonial discussions of belonging and of acknowledgement.

Inspired by Vytynanka ideas and techniques, the symbolism of Vishyvanky (Ukrainian embroideries,)and Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter egg,) pattern. design and colours, I am examining old ideas. I hope to introduce and familiarize people with the words of Ukraine and make them part of the Canadian lexicon. Please enjoy the colours and patterns and maybe even the stories which you might feel from the interplay of layers. It is my way of communicating.

My hope is that someone feels the artworks and what may appear as foreign, begins to feel familiar."

Feature Artist: Taras Lachowsky

artwork title: 'pam'yatayuchy / remembering'
medium: Vytynanka (Ukrainian paper cut-outs) / Collage
price: $2250

website: https://www.lafwr.com/taras-lachowsky

instagram: @theukrainianpagan

Selection of Recent work

Taras lachowsky

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