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Jacquard Methocel

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Methocel is a synthetic thickener that provides a viscous surface for fabric and paper marbling. It is also used in book arts as a paper sizing, for paste papers and to slow the drying time of PVA glues. Compared to natural thickeners, Methocel is more economical and longer lasting.

CAUTION! Keep dyes, paints and chemicals away from children. Avoid unnecessary contact. Do not ingest.


Use 2.5-3 tablespoons/37-44 g Methocel per 1 gal/3.79 L warm tap water. Slowly add the powder to the water while mixing or blending until fully dissolved. Blend a second time after the solution has stood 1 hour, if not fully dissolved. Allow to rest 30 minutes or until all bubbles have risen before using. Fill marbling tray 1.5"/3.81 cm deep and skim off any remaining bubbles. Methocel solutions keep a long time. Refrigeration is recommended for prolonged storage. Use at room temperature for consistent results.

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