Amsterdam Acrylic Paint Sets

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This set provides a balanced color palette and multiple opacities. The Amsterdam Standard Series Acrylics are made with high-quality pigments and 100% acrylic emulsion - this medium viscosity paint provides nice brush strokes and texture, but can also cover large areas with a smooth color. These paints are made from pure, non-fading pigments which gives them a high level of lightfastness. They are alkali resistant, making them suitable for wall painting as well as a variety of other surfaces including canvas paper, and stone! Paint is practically odorless.

Colour Charts

 Primary sets contains five tubes of primary colored paint, each 120ml. Set contains Titanium White, Primary Yellow, Primary Magenta, Primary Cyan, and Oxyde Black.

12 Colours set contains 12 x 20 ml tubes
24 Colours set contains 24 x 20 ml tubes