Fine Tec Opaque Watecolour Sets

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  • Finetec colors are made entirely of Mica Pigments and Gum Arabic
  • Each individual pods can be removed and replaced with a new one
  • Each color provides rich pigment color and has a metallic sheen
  • Can be dissolved with water and applied with a brush.
  • Handmade in Germany and free of any animal ingredients
Pearlescent 6pc Set 1
  • F0600

Copper, Bronze, Olympic Gold, Arabic Gold, Champagne Silver and Silver.

Pearlescent 6pc Set 2
  • F0601

Olympic Gold, Royal Gold, Arabic Gold, Pearl Gold, Champagne Silver and Silver.

Iridescent 6 pc
  • F5600

Gold, Gold Copper, Light Purple, Amethyst, Sapphire Blue, and Jade Green.

Pearlescent 12pc
  • F1200

Amethyst, Sapphire Blue, Caribbean Green, Blue Silver, Deep Black, Mystic Color, Pearl Silver, Pearl Gold, Crystal Gold, Orange Copper, Red, and Purple.

Pearlescent 24 Set
  • F2400 

Includes Crystal Gold, Arabic Gold, Pearl Gold, Olympic Gold, Royal Gold, Bronze, Dark Bronze, Golden Rose, Orange Copper, Tangelo, Ruby, Red, Purple, Fuchsia, Amethyst, High Chroma Blue, Caribbean Green, Mint, Silver, Platinum, Blue Silver, Deep Black, Patina and Twilight.