Guerrilla 8"x10" Cigar Box Kit

  • $269.50

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In this 12 piece kit get the Cigar Box™ plus supplies you need to get started painting. All you need to do is add paint and you are ready to start your painting adventures. 

  • 8x10 Cigar Box™ V 2.0

  • 8x10 Cigar Box™ V 2.0 Bag

  • Large Mouth Single Palette Cup

  • Mighty Mite Jr™ Brush Washer

  • Guerrilla Painter® Composition Finder™

  • A Guerrilla Painter's Notebook© Vol 3 & 4

  • 8x10 Guerrilla Plein Air Gessoed Panel

  • 4-piece Flat Brush Set

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