Holbein Acrylic Paint [Part 1]

Colour: Quinacridone Crimson AU401D

Quinacridone Crimson AU401D

Perylene Maroon AU405C

Quinacridone Red AU402D

Anthraquinone Red AU406C

Napthol Red Deep AU408B

Napthol Red AU409B

Napthol Red Light AU410B

Pyrrole Red Rubin AU413C

Pyrrole Red AU414C

Pyrrole Red Light AU415C

Pyrrole Orange AU416C

Imidazolone Orange AU419C

Cadmium Red Purple AU421E

Cadmium Red AU422E

Cadmium Red Light AU423E

Cadmium Orange AU424E

Brilliant Pink AU427B

Shell Pink AU428A

Jaune Brillant AU429A

Isoindolinone Yellow AU431C

Marigold AU432B

Imidazolone Yellow AU434C

Imidazolone Lemon AU435C

Hansa Yellow AU437B

Hansa Yellow Light AU438B

Hansa Yellow Lemon AU439B

Nickel Azo Yellow AU441D

Greenish Yellow AU442D

Yellow Ochre AU443A

Cadmium Yellow Deep AU445D

Cadmium Yellow AU446D

Cadmium Yellow Light AU447D

Bismuth Yellow AU448D

Naples Yellow AU449B

Phthalo Green AU451B

Viridian Hue AU452B

Shadow Green AU453D

Hooker's Green AU454B

Sap Green AU455C

Light Green AU456B

Middle Green AU457B

Bamboo Green AU458B

Cadmium Green Light AU460D

Cadmium Green AU461D

Cadmium Green Deep AU462D

Oxide of Chromium AU465C

Cobalt Green AU466E

Cyprus Green AU467E

Compose Green AU468B

Phthalo Turquoise AU471B

Phthalo Blue AU472B

Phthalo Blue Red-Shade AU473B

Indanthrene Blue AU475C

Cobalt Blue Hue AU476A

Manganese Blue Nova AU477A

Cerulean Blue AU478E

Cobalt Blue AU479E

Ultramarine Blue AU481A

Ultramarine Deep AU482A

Aqua Blue AU484A

Compose Blue 1 AU486B

Compose Blue 2 AU487B

Dioxazine Violet AU491C

Mauve AU492C

Quinacridone Violet AU495C

Quinacridone Magenta AU496C

Cobalt Violet AU499E

Amethyst AU500C

Compose Violet AU503B

Compose Rose AU504B

Mars Violet AU507A

Burnt Sienna AU511A

Burnt Umber AU512A

Raw Sienna AU514A

Raw Umber AU515A

Red Ochre AU517A

Azo Brown AU518D

Imidazolone Brown AU519C

Quinacridone Gold AU520D

Sepia AU521B

Payne's Grey AU535C

Primary Magenta AU551B

Primary Yellow AU552B

Primary Cyan AU553B

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