Kama Oil Sticks 60ml

Colour: alizarin crimson OR045

alizarin crimson OR045

asphaltum CS0075

cadmium red deep BH040

napthol red OR037

cadmium red medium BH035

besner red 3 CS020

red ochre MI030

burnt sienna MI020

Haemoglobin CS0800

cadmium orange light CA026

azo orange light OR065

india yellow gold OR050

yellow ochre light MI005

Transparent Oxide Yellow IN007

besner yellow 4 CS025

naples yellow IN020

cadmium yellow medium CA015

hansa yellow medium OR015

nickel yellow IN015

Cadmium Lemon CA005

Ivory Black MI0290

cadmium green light CA060

cinnabar green OR002

sap green OR008

Azo Green Gold T OR0560

chromium oxide green IN035

besner green 5 CS030

turquoise cobalt light CO015

sonmor's blue OR010

cobalt cerulean CO010

Cyan CS0505

Manganese Blue Hue CS0483

besner blue 1 CS010

besner blue 2 CS015

GS phthalocyanine blue OR005

prussian blue IN045

cobalt blue CO005

ultramarine blue rs IN005

Blue Gray CS0108

quinacridone violet OR040

quinacridone magenta OR790

burnt umber MI060

mars violet MI050

Transparent Oxide Red IN060

Flesh Tone CS055

buff titanium CS035

neutral MI075

titanium white MI070

neutral grey CS0100

mars black MI065

Fluorescent Pink FL0972

Fluorescent Red FL0969

Fluorescent Orange FL0966

Fluorescent Yellow FL0963

Dioxazine Violet MOR0840

hansa yellow light OR0580

Silver CS0040

Hornyak's Pink CS0057

Violet grey CS0109

Olive Green CS0550

Cold Gray Deep

Silvery Graphite

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