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Mightlon Synthetic Brushes

  • $3.30

A little stiffer and fuller than a regular Taklon brush, The Mightlon hair was developed using 100% synthetic fibre and consists of 3 different diameter filaments for holding and delivering plenty of colour.  Each filament has been prepared in a chemical process to imitate the interlocked construction of a natural hair brush.  This ensures the brush is quick  to return to its original shape and sharp point after each stroke. This brush moves both impasto paints and fluid acrylics with ease. The soft hairs leave very little brush marks.

This artists' brush has a unique grayish green filament, seamless ferrule and long grey-lacquered handle. It is an ideal brush for oil and acrylic painting. Trust Heinz Jordan to deliver and economically priced brush that outperforms many others.

Round shape makes flexible, tapering outlines, rounded petal shapes and fine details.

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