Coming Home by Noelle Lalonde

Artist Reception is June 22nd from 6:00 - 8:00pm, the show is on until July 7th.

Hours are Monday - Friday, 3pm - 5pm until July 7th

"Coming Home" presents a series of acrylic paintings by Noelle Lalonde created during her profound three-year artistic odyssey in Mexico. Lalonde returns home to Guelph, sharing these mesmerizing pieces for the first time on Canadian soil.

Celebrating a decade since she embarked on her professional artistic journey, this compelling exhibition showcases Lalonde's deep exploration of the human emotional landscape, visually personified through vibrant acrylic florals. Each work has been born out of introspective emotion, channelling the essence of her relationships and the feelings inspired by her loved ones.

Created amidst the vibrant culture and natural beauty of Mexico, Lalonde's works are a testament to her unique artistic evolution. The colors, textures, and forms in each painting mirror her journey of self-discovery, absorption of a new culture, and her longing for home.

As visitors explore "Coming Home," they embark on a personal voyage into the core of Lalonde's emotional landscape. Every piece is a visual narrative, breathing life into abstract feelings of love, longing, joy, sorrow, peace, and an overwhelming sense of homecoming. Each painting is a beacon, guiding the viewer through the vast expanse of human emotions, inviting them to connect with Lalonde's experiences and, by extension, their own.

Marking a significant milestone in Lalonde's career, "Coming Home" captures the resilience of an artist who has ventured far from her comfort zone, dived deep into her inner self, and emerged with a body of work that resonates on a universal level.

Join us as we celebrate the homecoming of a local talent and the inspiring journey of a resilient artist. Traverse through the emotional landscapes of Noelle Lalonde's creations, and perhaps you, too, will discover new facets of your own emotional spectrum. In the depth of the acrylic hues and the brush strokes that created them, find your reflection and feel the connection that makes us all human.

"Coming Home" - an intimate encounter with art, emotion, and the transformative power of human connections"

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