Feature Artist: Paige Quinn

 Paige Quinn’s paintings draw from personal memories as well as culturally embedded themes of ecological spirituality, animism, and presence. In her artwork, Paige has been exploring the idea of reuniting and reconnecting with nature to navigate our shared ecological grief and cultural separation from nature. Her paintings show the interconnectedness between human and natural forms, merging them as a search for connection within the context of environmental uncertainty. Recreating wonder and investigating the sacred and essential elements of nature has become deeply important to her practice.

Artwork titleThe Ferryman
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 42"x60"
Price: $2500

Paige Quinn is a painter who works and lives in Guelph. Her paintings explore themes of nature, connection, and spirituality. She has been exhibiting her artwork in group exhibitions across Canada and recently completed an artist residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto.




Selection of Recent work

Paige quinn

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