Feature Artist: Liam Reynolds

“My intent is to not comment on the work. I hope you enjoy it though.”

Artwork title: Untitled
Medium: Mixed media
Size: 24"x36"
Price: $1200

Liam Reynolds is a visionary artist whose compositions stem from unconscious and meditative sessions, and sessions of plein aire study. Originally from New Brunswick, Liam is now based in Guelph. His work can be described as evocative and sensious, but not overindulgent. His style is inspired by early modern art movements such as the dada and surrealist movement. As well as contemporary art such as Yayoi Kusama, Alex Katz, and the late Etel Adnan.

His subject matter varies from figurative drawing and painting, to landscapes with a range in levels of abstraction. The artist strives to make the best, most honest art he can without putting too much information onto the canvas. The artist seeks to leave holes for the viewer to fill, creating a moment of introspection.

Instagram: @reynoldsarts

Website: liamreynolds.org


Selection of Recent work

Liam reynolds

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