Feature Artist: Gina Jacklin

“My work seeks to unveil the beauty of life unseen from a scientific lens that, together with a Christ-centred perspective, strives to convey that biological forms, have been thoughtfully and purposefully designed. When magnified through a microscope, our seemingly mundane world reveals a magical landscape, teeming with beauty and the strokes of pure genius that allude to the handiwork of a Grand Designer.
Often using micrographs as reference material, my work offers a window into this mysterious and microscopic dimension, connecting viewers with the beauty, awe and wonder of creation that sparks a sense of joy, hope and wonder. Usually created with every day, found, and discarded objects, my artwork also seeks to challenge notions of purpose and value.
I delight in repurposing and transforming castoff materials and found objects together into layered, cohesive compositions that highlight the intricate structures of organisms.”

Artwork title: Flowering Dogwood (Mind the Things Above, not those on Earth)
Medium: Monotype on tissue paper, gesso, bird seed, glass vase filler, decorative stones, dried plant fibres, decorative flowers, acrylic paint, archival spray on wood panel.
Size: 48" x 24" x 1.5"
Price: $1730


Gina Jacklin is a Colombian-born multidisciplinary artist living in Guelph, ON. Her artwork speaks to the thoughtful design of creation, that from a scientific lens, seeks to highlight the intrinsic purpose and beauty evident in all life. Even in the smallest, seemingly insignificant and sometimes darkest of environments. Her art sparks a sense of joy, awe and wonder in the hearts and minds of those who wish to see the beauty of creation through a different lens.


Instagram: @gina.d.jacklin



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