Feature Artist: Ahmri Vandeborne

I’m overly interested in the in-betweens; the tension, the irresolution, the ephemera, and the instability created by the space in-between two opposing forces. My work relies on the process of a meditative state and responding to happenstance to understand the conflict between what exists, what was destroyed, and the remnants of what is left behind. Using shadow imagery and various methods of light manipulation, I explore the fleeting interactions and obstructions that exist in the dichotomy between the artificial and natural worlds. 

Feature Artist: Ahmri Vandeborne

artwork title: reach your hand out and fall right through
medium: Oil on canvas
size: 36"x36"
price: $750

Ahmri Vandeborne (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist focusing on painting, print, drawing, projection and installation. Using collaboration as an essential tool, Ahmri’s practice explores spacemaking through public installations and immersive community experiences. Her passion for community and collaboration extends into her work as owner of Otherwise Studios, an inclusive studio for art making and community building offering diverse opportunities for collaborating, teaching, innovating, and mess-making. Ahmri holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours with Distinction in Studio Art from the University of Guelph, where she also completed minors in French and Art History.

Instagram: @artbyahmri

Website: ahmrivandeborne.com

Selection of Recent work

Ahmri vandeborne

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