Feature Artist: Caro Benitez

Through the use of patterns and imagery that occur in the natural world, my work explores the symbiotic relationships that exist within ecosystems. These reciprocal relationships are reflected and explored through the use of patterns found in nature, and the work’s relationship to the plants within that space. In my work I utilize these naturally occurring patterns in unison with cultivated plants, in an attempt to create a space in which human stewardship with plants can be admired and honoured. In doing so, I aim to create a space where there is a feeling of solace while showing my gratitude to nature.

Feature Artist: Caro Benitez

artwork title: el arte del cultivo
medium: water-soluble graphite & watercolour pencil on wood panel
size: 36"x48"
price: $1500

Caro Benitez (they/them) is a queer Argentine-Canadian multidisciplinary artist that works in painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, installation, and textiles. Benitez draws inspiration from their surroundings, echoing patterns they stumble upon in the natural world. They are enamoured by the remnants of flora and fauna, and find solace in nature.

Instagram: @sweepingpampas

Website: carolinabenitez.ca/

Selection of Recent work

Caro benitez

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