Feature Artist: Jessica Spooner

As an energetic and outgoing mixed media oil painter, I paint with strong, show stopping colours that refuse to be ignored (much like me). My brush strokes are bold, beautiful and full of meaning. My desire is to spark creativity in others, to inspire new and different thinking and rouse change in my audience. I’m always challenging the status quo. My art is for anyone who has been told they are too much and then realize, they are a gift, and an inspiration. Using high quality materials and modern processes I create vivid, eye-catching art that is for everyone.


Feature artist: Jessica Spooner
Artwork title: Hope
Medium: Oil and mixed media on canvas
Size: 24"x48"
Price: $1100

Jessica was born in Thunder Bay, ON and raised in various parts of Ontario and Alberta, Canada. She grew up in a family of avid art collectors and supporters of the Arts. Jessica was “born” into a lifelong influence and love of art that propels and guides her in her own professional art career today.

She was drawn into the realm of business early on in her career and was involved in corporate law and restaurant ownership. All the while the feeling like there was something more for her, something art related, needled her days. She began investigating ways that would advance her artistic voice into a professional niche business and career. This began with the Milan Art Institute and has continued with mentorships from experienced professionals over the years.

Currently, Jessica leads a busy life in Guelph, Ontario as the mother of three, sharing a life with a loving and ferociously supporting partner and a Bernese Mountain dog. She has a home studio and another studio at the Necessary Arts Collective where she continues to expand her talents and grow her art business.

Instagram: @jessicaspoonerfineart

Upcoming Website: jessicaspooner.ca

Contact: jessicaspoonerfineart@gmail.com

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Jessica spooner

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