Feature Artist: Tammy Ratcliff

Through Intaglio and mixed print works, I find a means to explore my continued fascination with the natural world—its strength and beauty—while drawing attention to the ‘imperfections’ and impermanence of all living things. The elegant asymmetry in nature, the odd shaped spaces between branches, or the awkward curl of a petal on a flower is where my curiosity takes root.

Feature artist: Tammy Ratcliff
Artwork title: 'stock flower, 2022'
Medium: 55"x42"
Size: mixed media on paper
Price: $1,450

Tammy Ratcliff is a Guelph artist who specializes in printmaking and fibre arts. She divides her time between her active studio practice and co-managing Wyndham Art Supplies, the family business she runs with her partner.Since completing studies at Beal Art (London) in 1993, she has shown work regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Recent shows have included ‘Paper and Textile’ group show at Westland gallery September 2022 in London, ON, ‘Working Together’ April 2022 with her partner, Chris Ahlers at Renann Isaacs Contemporary Art, Fibreworks 2020 at Idea Exchange Cambridge, IPCNY juried show ‘Homebody’ and inclusion in the Mid- American Print Council’s juried show at the University of Kentucky, with an honourable mention prize.

Her work is included in numerous private, public, and corporate collections including the Dan Donovan Collection, Art Gallery of Guelph, Ernst & Young and Idea Exchange, Cambridge. She has travelled extensively for artistic investigation and development, including residencies in Tromsø, Northern Norway and most recently, a trip to Japan to research fine paper making.

Website: tammyratcliff.com

Instagram: @tammyratcliff

Selection of Recent work

Tammy ratcliff

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